Updated On: June 16, 2020, 4:43 am

A Concise Baccarat Glossary for New Players

Learning baccarat requires one to learn the game's lingo. We have a concise baccarat glossary below that just might help. When you skim over this baccarat glossary you'll immediately notice that some terms are not English.

This is due to the European roots of the game. Our baccarat glossary is divided into two groups. The first group of terms is specific or somewhat unique to the game, which contains all the foreign terms. The next segment of our baccarat glossary consists of regular casino terms used in the game.

Baccarat Specific Terms:

Action: This is the full amount of money a player would wager for an entire session.

Baccarat: This Italian term is the name of the game; also known as Baccara.

Banco: This Spanish term refers either to the player or the dealer who controls and deals from the shoe; also known as the banker.

Banque: This is the popular North American version of the game.

Chemin de Fer: This is version of the game in France.

Coup: This French term refers to a betting round in baccarat.

Croupier: This French term refers to the dealer. In the American version of the game, there are two dealers at a baccarat table who are in charge of collecting losing wagers and paying winners.

Ladderman: This refers to a casino employee that supervises your game. The ladderman is stationed above the table on a chair.

Le Grande: This French term refers to a hand that has a perfect winning total of nine.

Mini-Baccarat: This is the watered-down version of baccarat where the stakes are lower.

Palette: This is a wooden tool that is used to move cards around on the baccarat table.

Punto: This term, which is both Spanish and Italian, means player or point.

Standoff: Another term for a tie.

General Casino Terms Used in Baccarat:

Upcard: This refers to any card on the baccarat table dealt face up.

Shuffle Up: This refers to the practice of dealers shuffling the shoe prematurely. It is done merely to the disadvantage of card counters.

Shoe: This is the device or box that holds the cards used in the game. A shoe would usually contain six to eight decks in baccarat.

House Advantage/Edge: This is the statistical advantage, denoted in percentage, which the casino has over the players. The house edge in baccarat is very low compared to most casino games except for the tie bet.

Discard Tray: This is a receptacle for the cards that have already been used or played.

Going over a baccarat glossary can become an interesting experience. Not only will you be learning foreign terms found in this baccarat glossary, you'll get to sound quite sophisticated as you play the game. It doesn't hurt to play baccarat with a touch of class in your lingo.