Updated On: June 16, 2020, 4:43 am

The Types of Baccarat Players

It's often said that casino card games are shaped in large part by the players themselves. This can be attested to by anyone who watches Poker on TV. However, it isn't just Poker, though; even Baccarat comes with unique player personalities.

The type of Baccarat player that immediately comes to the mind of most people is the high roller. What most people know is that these individuals are comprised of millionaire and billionaire businessmen or tycoons who play for hundreds of thousands of dollars, or millions. Most know that they are VIP, but few realize what that entails.

Basically it means that Baccarat high rollers get the red carpet treatment from casinos; they are entitled to free hotel rooms, food, and in most cases, are invited to play in other venues all over the world, with the casino picking up the tab for the flight. Rarely will you see these individuals in the main casino floor;

most of the time they will be playing behind the velvet ropes, or in a secluded area. All casinos that offer Baccarat have special rooms where their special VIP clients can play without being distracted by any of the noise that "ordinary" players have to put up with.

On the other end of the spectrum is the casual Baccarat player, or "tourist" (because they only go to casinos on vacation). These are the ones who usually populate the mini tables in casinos. Some of them bet small amounts, while others place more substantial wagers; what they all share in common is that they do it for fun, not necessarily to go out and win big.

These casual players are like the tourists in Poker; they know very little about the Baccarat odds for player and banker, and could care less. They go to the casino to have fun, and winning some money is of secondary importance.

Finally, there is the online Baccarat player. These are the ones who prefer to play from the comfort of their homes, who don't need any of the glitz and glamour that come with participating in live games. Some of them play for fun, but a majority of those that compete online do so for the purpose of winning, and are often well versed and knoweldgeable with all the strategies, betting systems and bankroll techniques.

Baccarat players come in many more different forms; just sit down at a live or virtual table, and you'll realize just how diverse they can be. The game is pleasant enough, but things get more interesting when you realize the myriad types of people around you.